ITIC - International Teacher Identity Card

ITIC was created to make travelling easier and less expensive for teaching professionals. ITIC opens the door to thousands of services, benefits and discounts around the globe, including flexible and cheap student-priced flight tickets and other travel services available for teachers with ITIC.


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ITIC identifies you as a full-time teaching professional around the world. Since 1984 ITIC has been helping teaching professionals get more out of their international travels through a worldwide network of special discounts, services and other benefits, such as restaurants and retail shops; entry prices to museums, cultural and historic sites; bus, coach, train and ferry tickets; and accommodation such as hotels and hostels.

The ITIC network includes the world’s leading specialists in independent travel. Thousands of offices in over 40 countries provide products and services that have been developed especially for independent travellers’ budgets and interests. In Sweden, the student-priced flights are sold to teachers with ITIC by KILROY.

Endorsed by UNESCO

The ITIC card has been endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 1968. ITIC is also supported by the European Council on Culture and the Andean Community of Nations. The card is recognized by universities, academic institutions, student unions, national governments, financial institutions and ministries of education around the world.

LR member discount on ITIC

All members of Sweden's trade union of education Sveriges Lärare get a 50% discount of the digital ITIC ID. The link to the discounted ITIC can be found from Sveriges Lärare member site (behind a login).


How to order 

Please note that we are currently developing the ITIC order flow and it currently still looks like the green ISIC order flow. This does not affect your ITIC order.


  • Click the link below to begin your ITIC order. If you are a member of Sveriges Lärare, you can order your ITIC through Sveriges Lärare member site to receive a 50% discount.
  • Fill your information correctly in the order form and make sure that the product you are about to order is “Digital ITIC card”. 
  • When you have made sure your information is correct on the order form, continue to payment by clicking ”Go to payment”. 
  • Pay for your ITIC. Applicable payment methods are Visa and Mastercard credit cards, Trustly and the online banks available on the form.
  • Check your information. If you need to change something you have typed in on the order form, click "Correct your information" and continue to verifying your teacher status. Please note that you cannot change your information after proceeding to the teacher status verification!
  • Continue to upload your teacher ID. All members of LR and other full-time teachers (min 18 hours / week) are entitled to order ITIC. A valid teacher ID is a copy of your LR member ID with a photo of you, or alternatively you can upload a copy of a certificate of employment from your school. Please note that the document can be maximum 2 Mb in size and must be uploaded in .jpg or .jpeg format.
  • Continue to upload your picture. The picture must be a coloured, clear, passport-like picture of you. It does not have to be an official passport picture – a shot with your smartphone does the trick as long as it is clear. Please do not use filters. The picture can be maximum 2 Mb of size and must be uploaded in .jpg or .jpeg format.
  • Confirm the order and download the ISIC App for Android or iOS. Your teacher status will be verified by our support team within 1-2 workdays. 
  • After your teacher status and picture have been verified, you will receive an email containing you personal ITIC number, which you will need to activate your digital ITIC card. Follow the instructions on how to sign up to the ISIC App. 
  • Explore the world with ITIC! You can filter the benefits available for teachers in the ISIC app.


If you would like our assistance with your order, please contact us in English. 


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