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About ISIC


What is ISIC?

International Student Identity Card ISIC is the only globally recognized student ID with 150.000 student discounts around the globe. 


What is my ISIC student identifier?

Your personal ISIC student ID is a 14-digit number that begins and ends with a letter (S123456789012X) for the ISIC cards issued in Sweden. With this number you are able to activate your ISIC student ID in the ISIC App and log in to ISIC website to redeem the online benefits available to you.

You can find the ISIC number in your order confirmation email. 


How long is ISIC valid for?

The standard, digital ISIC is valid 12 months from the date of purchase. You can see the end date of your ISIC validity on your ISIC App profile or the digital card itself. 


How can I use the benefits and discounts I get with ISIC?

There are two types of ISIC benefits: local benefits and online benefits. You can find all local discounts from the ISIC app and ISIC's global website. The online benefits are visible both on this website and the ISIC App. In order to access online student discounts you can log in with your ISIC card number in the upper right corner of this website.

When logged in, you find the discount code or unique discount link on each benefit page. When using discount codes, copy the code, proceed to partner website and paste the code into the voucher/benefit code area when checking out to get the discount. Easy-peasy!

If you have an idea for student benefit or want to offer a discount for the students, please write to us on the contact form.


Where can I purchase student flight tickets?

ISIC is the only internationally recognized student ID and the only student ID for which the airlines give a student-priced fare. You'll find student flight tickets on ISIC's website and from student travel agency KILROY. Please note that student tickets are not available on airlines' own websites nor on any of the sites gathering prices from several suppliers.

If you want to ask tips for travel, book an adventure or ask about studying abroad, please contact KILROY travel advisors.


Does the digital ISIC work offline, too?

If you have activated your digital ISIC card in the ISIC App, you can access your digital card normally also in offline mode. Activating your digital ISIC and browsing the benefits only work in online mode.


In which countries is the digital ISIC accepted?

The digital ISIC is currently accepted as a valid ISIC student ID in the following countries:

Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

If you are travelling to a country which is not mentioned on this list, please contact us


Who can order


Who can order a digital ISIC card?

All full-time students enrolled in a governmentally approved educational institution over 12 years of age can order a digital ISIC card; there is no upper age limit (see Terms & Conditions 15.1.1). Some benefit providers, such as airlines, set an age limit to their benefits. Make sure to order your ISIC student ID from the country where your place of study is. If you are going to study abroad from Sweden, you can order your ISIC from or the ISIC provider of your destination.


What is a full-time student?

Being a full time student means that you take at least 15 hours of class a week for at least three months a year. When ordering an ISIC, you must be enrolled in a Swedish academic institution with an active status; or have the acceptance letter to join one next semester. If you study or are going to study abroad, order your ISIC from the ISIC provider of your destination.


Can post-graduate students order an ISIC?

Yes, ISIC is available also for doctoral students. You can order a standard digital ISIC card here.


Can exchange students order an ISIC? 

Yes, if you are a full-time student enrolled in an educational institution in Sweden. Please note that ISIC alone is not a valid student ID for example for some bus companies.


Who can order a digital ITIC card? 

ITIC (International Teacher Identity Card) is the international identity card for full-time teachers, who work in an educational institution at least 18 hours per week.


Who can order a digital IYTC card? 

IYTC (International Youth Identity Card) is an international identity card for youth of 12 to 30 years of age. 

How to order


What documents do I need?

To order an ISIC, you need a copy of your valid student ID and a coloured, passport-like photo of yourself. 

As a student ID we accept a copy of your national student card with a valid semester/year sticker; a copy of your attendance certificate for the ongoing semester or academic year; or the acceptance letter from an academic institution for the upcoming semester.


The order process step-by-step

  1. Click here to begin your card order. Choose ISIC to order an international student ID.
  2. Fill your information correctly in the order form. Please note that the name of your school/academic institution is displayed on the digital card in the form that you type here. Use the English name of your school/academic institution.
  3. When you have made sure your information is correct on the order form, continue to payment by clicking ”Go to payment”. 
  4. Pay for your ISIC. Applicable payment methods are Visa and Mastercard credit cards and the online banks available on the form.
  5. Check your information. If you need to change something you have typed in on the order form, click "Correct your information" and continue to verifying your student status. Please note that you cannot change your information after proceeding to the student status verification!
  6. Upload the copy of your valid student ID. As a student ID we accept a copy of your national student card with a valid semester/year sticker; a copy of your attendance certificate for the ongoing semester or academic year (dates visible in the document); or the acceptance letter from an academic institution for the ongoing semester. Please note that the document can be maximum 2 Mb in size and must be uploaded in .jpg or .jpeg format.
  7. Continue to upload your picture. The picture must be a coloured, clear, passport-like picture of you. It does not have to be an official passport picture – a shot with your smartphone does the trick as long as it is clear. Please do not use filters. The picture can be maximum 2 Mb of size and must be uploaded in .jpg or .jpeg format.
  8. Confirm the order and download the ISIC App for Android or iOS . Your student status will be verified by our support team within 1-2 workdays.
  9. After your student status and picture have been verified, you will receive an email containing you personal ISIC number, which you will need to activate your digital ISIC card. Follow the instructions on how to sign up to the ISIC App. Please see a demo video here


If you have problems in uploading the documents or wish to change your information after proceeding to student verification, please contact us


I paid for my ISIC but did not complete my order, what to do? 

You will receive a confirmation of your card order latest by the next working day. Within the confirmation email there is a link to uploading your valid student ID and picture to the card order flow. Please note that before you upload the two documents, your card order is not finished and you cannot activate your ISIC ID.


I have not received an email to verify my student status and upload my photo, what to do?

First, check your email spam filter. If the confirmation email is not there, please contact us via the contact form with your name, e-mail address and order ID and we will get back to you asap. 


I misspelled something on the card order form, what to do?

When you order your ISIC online, you'll get an e-mail receipt and then an e-mail with a link for uploading picture and your student documentation. If you have not uploaded your student verification and your photo yet, you still have the opportunity to change your personal details (except your name) before approving the final order. If you have completed the order and then discover a mistake, please contact us via the contact form.


I misspelled my name on the card order form, what to do?

The only piece of information that you cannot change after continuing on from the order form is your name. If you misspelled your name in your order, please contact us via the contact form


What is the delivery time for ISIC?

Within 1-2 workdays. When you order a digital ISIC card online you'll receive an e-mail with a link for uploading picture and your student documentation. Please take extra care and follow the photo instructions carefully, so that you'll avoid unnecessary delay in your order! Your ISIC number is ready to be activated in the ISIC app when our service center has checked your student verification and ensured your picture meets its requirements.



My personal information has changed, how to update it on my digital card?


If you have changed your name or place of study in the middle of your card's validity, we can update the new information directly to your digital card. Please send us your new information via the contact form


Signing up to ISIC App

Signing up process step-by-step

Once you have received your personal 14-digit ISIC number, you are able to sign up to ISIC App and activate your digital ISIC student ID. Please

  1. Download the ISIC App for Android or iOS and check out the ISIC App sign-up demo;
  2. Tap "Register" on the app menu
  3. Type in your name as you typed it on the order form and your personal ISIC number, and tap "Confirm"
  4.  Type in an email address where you can verify your registration and invent a password for future ISIC App login.
  5. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions, and tap "Confirm"
  6. Click the link on the verification email sent to the address you have given above.


I am not able to sign up, what to do?

  1. Check the ISIC App sign-up demo.
  2. ISIC number is a 14-digit number that begins and ends with a letter (S123456789012X) for the ISIC cards issued in Sweden. Please double check you have inserted the right ISIC number and the name is written in First name Surname order.
  3. If you are still facing problems with signing up, please contact [email protected].


I have not received the verification email, what to do?

  1. If there is a typo on the email address you inserted when signing up to ISIC App, please contact [email protected] to get your activation email
  2. Check your spam or junk mail folder for an email from [email protected]
  3. Add [email protected] to your email contacts or approved senders list
  4. If you are still facing problems, please contact [email protected]g.


I cannot login to the ISIC App, what to do?

  1. Check that you have created an ISIC App profile (see step-by step sign up instructions above)
  2. Check that you are using the same email address that you used when you signed up to the app
  3. If you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot password?" on the App to receive a new one to your email
  4. If you are still having problems logging in, please contact [email protected]g.


I want to change my information in the ISIC App, what to do?

If you wish to change your information, such as your name or your institution, please contact us and we will update your information to the ISIC App. 


I want to renew my ISIC in the ISIC App, what to do?

Please order a new digital ISIC student ID from ISIC's website and make sure your name is written in the same format as for the card that you registered first in the ISIC app. When you have received your new ISIC number, go to your profile in the ISIC App (burger menu) and click "Replace card". Type in your new ISIC number, click "Submit" and your new digital card will appear in your ISIC app. If you have problems in replacing your card, please contact us.


Which mobile devices are compatible with the ISIC App?

  • Android OS 8.0 and higher
  • IOS 14 and higher


I don't have an ISIC number yet, where can I get it?

You can purchase your digital ISIC student ID from ISIC's website




In case of discrepancies or complaints concerning your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us with the contact form. Should you for any reason not be satisfied with the outcome, ISIC is obliged to inform you that you may refer your case to The European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution.