Co-branding with ISIC

Co-branding a local or national student ID, from any academic institutions with ISIC, is something that the ISIC Association has done for more than 15 years. Today more than 1.000 academic institutions worldwide benefit on a daily basis from working closely together with the ISIC Association.

Today, all academic institutions have a strategic goal to become an international oriented institution, attracting students from abroad and offering a student environment that is attractive to the individual student. Academic institutions find themselves in an international competitive situation with academic institutions from other markets.

No matter the reason, co-branding student ID with ISIC will offer any academic institution a very tangible tool to strengthen the international profile of the institution, encourage international mobility and at the same time offer students the most respected, established and well-known student ID in the world.

How to co-brand with ISIC
Today most academic institutions produces their own student ID and many of those student IDs are connected to various types of technology to support services such as access control, copy/print and local payment e.g. in cantinas etc. However co-branding your local student ID with ISIC can be a very simple process since ISIC Sverige can offer any kind of customized solution.

As an academic institution you can maintain your existing student ID infrastructure and production flow and simply implement the ISIC card design template. Alternative ISIC Sverige can offer you a complete outsourced solution which means that we will take care of producing your co-branded student ID in the future.

Next step?
Contact ISIC Sverige to schedule an informal meeting to discuss your particular situation and specific needs.

As an additional part of an ISIC co-branding agreement we can also offer you to include the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC card) for your teachers and professors . Read more about the ITIC card here.