Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions
ISIC Sweden (Master Samuelsgatan 42, Box 7144, 10387 Stockholm, Sweden), on behalf of the ISIC Association (isicassociation.org), have been appointed as the issuing authority for ISIC card in Sweden.

Purchasing an ISIC card gives an automatic membership to ISIC's loyalty program, allowing ISIC Sweden the right to send relevant offers and discounts on behalf of ISIC Sweden’s co-operation partners through E-mail and/or mobile applications (so-called "apps"). ISIC Sweden will not share any cardholder data with external companies, partners, and/or third parties.

The following conditions apply when purchasing an ISIC card, unless otherwise stated by Swedish law.

All prices include VAT. Full payment must be made before the ISIC card is to be issued and sent by post.

All ISIC cards are issued and sent only after payment in full, and proper uploading of student documentation and photo in passport format. Distribution is only by regular mail.
It is not possible to cancel the purchase of an ISIC card unless it occurs before photo and/or relevant student documentation have been uploaded. Ordering an ISIC card is subject to the "Act of Certain Consumer Contracts, § 17 paragraph. 2, no. 1 see. § 9, paragraph. 2, no. 2" concerning cancellation of purchase.

If you need to change the information on your card/membership after it has been issued there will be a change fee of 50 SEK.

If your ISIC card is lost or stolen, you can reorder your card by writing to us via the contact form. It costs SEK 50 for a replacement card and it must be paid in full before the replacement card is to be issued and sent by post.

When ordering an ISIC card, it is necessary that you provide the following cardholder information: full name, address, zip code, city, e-mail, date of birth, and place of study. Your information will be used to issue your ISIC card. ISIC Sweden’s treatment of personal data shall comply with relevant legislation (Personal Data act). Cardholders may contact ISIC Sweden, if they wish to know what information is kept on the cardholder, or if the information is to be deleted or corrected. ISIC Sweden does not, under any circumstance, share personal information with third parties for marketing purposes.

The applicant also gives permission to making the cardholder information available to ISIC Sweden and ISIC Association in Amsterdam (ISIC Global Office) for verification purposes, when using the services that require ISIC card as an eligibility document. All cardholders are entitled to access their cardholder information by contacting ISIC Sweden.

If you want to access the solemn declaration consent this can be done by writing to ISIC Sweden via our contact form.

The ISIC card
To purchase an ISIC card, you must be at least 12 years old and registered as an active full-time student in a state financed education.

- Is a personal student ID card and valid until the end of the month printed on the card.
- Dictates that there is an authentic image of the cardholder printed on the ISIC card.

ISIC card is valid 12 months from date of purchase.

ISIC Sweden is exempt from any liability, including repayment of purchased ISIC card due to delivery delays and/or other consequences caused by circumstances beyond the control of ISIC Sweden, including fire, strike and lockout.

ISIC Sweden does not compensate for expired or amended discounts from our partners. ISIC Sweden is not responsible for any printing errors. If you become aware of expired and/or changed discounts or agreements, please contact ISIC Sweden via our contact form.

The winners will be drawn immediately after the contest end-date.

The winners will be contacted via e-mail. Winner’s name and place of study may be published on isic.se and/or ISIC Sweden's Facebook page, along with its motivation/text. By entering a competition, you agree that your name and place of study will be published if you are selected as the winner. ISIC Sweden is not responsible for any additional costs of the winner's prize (unless otherwise stated). ISIC Sweden reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of any competition. In the event of changes, these will be published on www.isic.se

ISIC Sweden is not responsible for technical errors that occur in connection with the use of telephone, e-mail or other forms of technology. Employees of ISIC Sweden or family members of any of these may not take part in the competition. The jury's decision cannot be appealed. The jury consists of ISIC Sweden's personnel and any participating competition sponsors. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash, goods or other services. Travel, accommodation or other additional costs that may be applicable to the winners, is the winner's own expense, unless otherwise specified in the respective competition rules. Any premium tax is to be paid by the winner. If ISIC Sweden suspects one or more participants of cheating or other irregularities, ISIC Sweden reserves the right to exclude such persons from the competition. It is not a requirement to purchase a card in order to participate in a competition. You can only enter the competition once. Information collected on which student discount the participants wants can be used by ISIC Sweden to become aware of new potential benefit partners to ISIC Sweden. The participant's information/wishes will not be disclosed to third parties. ISIC Sweden reserves the right to enter into agreements with companies that have been suggested by participants who have not won a prize in the competition.

An ISIC card serves as a (student) ID card. Any deception with name, date of birth, photo, place of study or the like will be considered fraud and handed over to the relevant authorities for prosecution. Your ISIC card will also be canceled immediately.

The applicant declares to have read and understood these Terms & Conditions for the acquisition of an ISIC card and the information in the application is complete, accurate and true.

The applicant gives ISIC Sweden the right to contact relevant authorities and school/college for verification of their accuracy.

The ISIC card can and will be canceled without notice, before or after issuing, if the applicant’s information proves to be inaccurate or false, with no possibility for refund.

Any benefit, product or service obtained with an ISIC card or a temporary ISIC card number that has been subsequently canceled may be revoked and will not be entitled to any compensation.