SOS International är ett samarbete mellan studentorganisationer från olika länder som tillsammans arbetar för att förbättra miljöskyddet. Samarbetet är mellan NUS UK (the National Union of Students), DSA, (the Cooperative of Danish Student Unions) och DSF, (the National Union of Students in Denmark)

Students Organizing for Sustainability

10th-14th of April 2019


By Julian Lo Curlo, Executive Committee Member of the National Union of Students in Denmark (DSF) and Chairman of Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS)


"Twice a year student representatives from The Nordic and Baltic countries get together to discuss their political visions and set common goals. This spring, such meeting was hosted by the National Union of Students in Denmark in Copenhagen and with a specific focus on climate change, as well as on how we as students can work for a more sustainable future.

The conference lasted two full days, and speakers from all over Europe were invited to enlighten and inspire the participants on the effects of climate change, as well as on what action can be taken on it.

A representative from the National Union of Students in the UK talked about their ongoing work on sustainability, as well as how they deal with both short- and long-term visions. A speaker from the Green Office Model, coming directly from the Netherlands, was present too. They talked about how such model has been and can be implemented at different higher education institutions across Europe. A representative from ISIC Nordics spoke too and brought with them an interesting and complex challenge on how we can foster mobility, but at the same time do so in a way that is environmentally sustainable. A question that is hard to answer, but that we students are ready to work with to find a solution to.

The conference ended with the official launch of Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS). This is a new global organization that aims to unite student-led initiatives for sustainability across the world. A very ambitious project, but necessary for tackling the current challenge that we find ahead. Climate change knows no borders, neither should our actions.

Students Organizing for Sustainability

These are only some examples of the many different presentations and activities that took place during those two intense and constructive days. They were two days where we got not only good reflection material, but where we also received practical tools on how to take action on the biggest challenge of our time: climate change.

For our organization, this event was a great opportunity to be able to build up our capacities and skills to develop our work on sustainability in Denmark. We learned a lot from the work experience of our peers across the Nordic, Baltic and overall European countries. Such lessons will inspire our future work.

Climate change is one of the main worries that students in Denmark and the world have. Taking action on this is not an option anymore, but a must. We need to ensure that politicians listen when we talk about why it is fundamental to put sustainability at the center of our national and international legislation; and that they act in accordance to that. This conference once again showed that students are committed to work for a sustainable future.  It was clear that students in the Nordic and Baltic countries are willing to fight for their futures and for the ones that come after.

Students Organizing for Sustainability

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with students across the Nordics and Baltics on sustainability. We do not have any other option; the clock is ticking and we must work to find an answer to this major problem. In order to do so, we must work across borders, because when we are together, we are always stronger!"