Need a new Laptop or Ultrabook for Back To School? Choose one of the ISIC exclusive hot-offers from Lenovo!

Exclusive ISIC hot-offers from Lenovo

Lenovo Laptop and Ultrabooks is the perfect choose for all students that want fun and versatile products. Whether you are looking for a laptop that's great for entertainment and multimedia, an Ultrabook with multi touch display that can flips back 360 degrees, or an stylish, light, and responsive Laptop in array of colors, you're sure to find it at Lenovo. Exclusively to ISIC, you as an ISIC cardholders, are now able to purchase one of the following with up to 10 % off:  

Exclusive 10% OFF Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro 13.3 Inch! 

Exclusive 7% OFF Lenovo U330 Touch Ultrabook!

Exclusive 7% OFF Lenovo Z50 Multimedia Laptop!

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