Trouble planning your meals? Use your ISIC card to save up to 1357 SEK on HelloFresh meal kits!

Student discount on HelloFresh meal kit

Trouble coming up with what to cook for lunch or dinner today? Use your ISIC card and get a whopping student discount on your first 5 HelloFresh meal kit deliveries - save up to 1357 kr. on your first 5 meal boxes!

HelloFresh is one of the world's most flexible grocery bags. With HelloFresh, you can put together your weekly menu exactly as you want - and change recipes at any time. Choose freely between 15 new recipes every week and mix Swedish classics with international delicacies from the world's kitchens. Choose which recipes yourself and tailor the box to suit you.

NOTE: The offer applies for the new customers of HelloFresh. The student discount is valid until further notice.

Just log in with your ISIC card number, grab the student discount code and head to HelloFresh to put together your menu for the week with a student discount!



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